Michelle Wicks

Digital Transformation

As an award-winning specialist in business and digital transformation, I have a deep understanding of the challenges that organisations are facing today. You know your organisation needs to change, but you also know that some of your people and stakeholders may resist any changes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I work with purpose-driven organisations to help them transform their ways of working, to ensure that all stakeholders are engaged from the outset.

I’ve spent my career helping organisations to make critical transformations, and I see the same challenges stopping people from engaging:

  • It takes too long to see any benefits
  • Some stakeholders are stuck in conflict
  • There’s confusion about the end goal

That’s why efforts to transform don’t succeed: the key people aren’t engaged, committed and enthusiastic about the new ways of working.

So I developed my own approach, which has delivered outstanding results by including:

  • Quick wins and sensible fixes that keep people motivated
  • Inclusive stakeholder engagement that navigates conflict
  • A clear vision and a logical pathway that’s easy to communicate

I believe people are more likely to adopt organisational changes when they feel included, respected and valued. And that’s good news for every organisation that is facing complex challenges.