Terms and Conditions

The word “Course” includes The Illume Group workshops, seminars, eLearning, “blended” courses and consulting. A person accepting these terms and conditions on behalf of another person or persons warrants and assures The Illume Group that he or she has the authority of that other person or persons and their organisation to do so.

Registration to Courses organised by The Illume Group or its subsidiary companies, is subject to your acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

  1. Quotes are valid for 30 days from the date signed by The Illume Group (although the Course can be delivered up to six months from that date).
  2. This Course(s) is delivered only for employees of the Customer.
  3. Payment details and terms can be found on each invoice. Payments may be made by electronic funds transfer or cheque.
  4. The Illume Group undertakes to treat confidential information about the Customer’s business as confidential.
  5. The Illume Group will hold registration details securely in our Course administration database. Our policy is to not release or sell these details to third parties. The Illume Group may use the registration data to occasionally send out information about related courses that could be of interest.
  6. Participants and the Customer’s organisation and affiliated companies accept that the intellectual property and copyright of the Course materials is owned exclusively by The Illume Group affiliates or training partners, as applicable. The Customer may retain the Course materials for its internal use only and may not copy the Course materials or distribute or transfer any Course materials to any third party, without the prior written consent of The Illume Group.
  7. Full day courses typically run 9am-5pm with a one-hour lunch break to be scheduled at the convenience of the Customer (or as negotiated).
  8. The Customer may cancel or reschedule a Course at least 15 business days prior to its Delivery Date at no charge other than the reimbursement to The Illume Group of any third-party expenses already incurred. Should the Customer cancel or reschedule a Course with less than 15 business days clear written notice to The Illume Group, the Customer will be charged 50% of the Fees plus any third-party expenses already incurred. In exceptional circumstances, The Illume Group may reschedule a Course upon prior written notice to the Customer. The Delivery Date of any rescheduled Course shall be mutually acceptable to the Customer and The Illume Group.
  9. Fees will be paid by the Customer within 30 days of receiving the invoice. Payment will be made into the account specified on the applicable invoice. Any invoices unpaid after 30 days will incur the late payment fees set forth on the invoice.
  10. The Illume Group is not responsible for non-delivery, modification, or reduction of Courses because of circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
  11. The Illume Group makes no representations or warranties regarding any advice given in the Course or any Course materials, and the Customer agrees that The Illume Group shall have no liability for any loss arising from the content of any such advice or materials, however caused. The maximum aggregate liability of The Illume Group arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be limited to the direct losses suffered by the Customer only, up to a maximum of the value of the Course Fees received by The Illume Group under this Agreement only. Any claim made against The Illume Group must be made within 6 months from the start date of the Course from which the claim is being made.
  12. Recording of Course sessions and the taking of photographs by the Customer is not permitted.
  13. The Customer will provide a suitable training facility including a whiteboard, tables and chairs and preferably the ability to project the presentation on a wide screen. If suitable, The Illume Group can arrange and provide these and these expenses will be added to the invoice.
  14. All payments must use the invoice number as a payment reference. The credit card transaction is managed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and we do not need to know your credit card details or store them.