Cancellation and refund policy

The Illume Group policies have been developed and managed in accordance with standard accounting and financial management principles.  These principles serve the purpose of ensuring The Illume Group is always in the position to provide organisations / students with the training and assessment services that they pay for, and that the fees paid by organisations/ students are protected.  The Illume Group is also committed to a fair refund policy that returns fees where there is reasonable reason and notice provided.

Refund Policy

In an un-fortunate scenario, where the refund of the amount is claimed, The Illume Group strict refund policy is given as below;

The Illume Group is a services-based consulting and training firm and is fully eligible to be compensated against its time, experience, expertise, advisory, consulting and services. Any amount earned in its scope of services is not refundable unless expressly declared. Management Fee and Consulting Fee is treated as advance payment and considered as earned against the time and services of the Consultant, except the termination of the agreement for cause where;

  1. If the premature termination is happening prior to rendering the full services, then a fair calculation will be made as per professional services rate along with any reimbursements and the portion of the unearned amount will be refunded to the Client. If the full scope of services is completed, Client might not be eligible for any refund.
  2. Full refund will be issued in case of technical error such as double charging or any other cases where The Illume Group are responsible.
  3. A refund claim is acceptable in case of the inability or incompetency of service execution and in which case a fair calculation of compensation against the time and efforts must be evaluated.
  4. Refund will be issued through the Original Mode of Payment or via Bank Transfer where it is not possible to refund via the original mode of payment.
  5. Any refund request should be made in written email / letter form stating the exact reason of refund claim which will immediately lead to suspension or termination of services. Please include key information such as Student Name, Company Name, Course description, Date of training, Circumstances for request. Please send to
  6. Any refunds requested due to a customer error will be subject to a $ 250 administration charge, once approved.
  7. Any refund once approved, will be processed within 30 working days.

Date of Review: 3 May, 2021