We help you apply good governance and manage risk.

Illume has a holistic approach that implements a thoughtful consideration of governance and risk into the very fabric of the organization. People, processes and technology should all work together to help the enterprise stay in control of the risks it chooses to take. Illume provides governance and risk services that help clients tackle the challenges of fit for purpose corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and compliance systems, while offering specialized assistance in key topics such as, information technology, human capital, anti-fraud, resilience, operational change and business continuity planning.

Our staff are all practitioners with many years of experience in consulting and industry, which enables deep, efficient and valuable insights. What you see is what you get.

Delivering assurance on compliance with regulations, key risks, policy, project delivery, systems of internal control and stakeholder demands, we help organizations lead with confidence, navigate risks and opportunities, and become disrupters in a fast changing climate. Using analytics and other innovative methods, we advise on critical business issues and help clients anticipate risk and develop appropriate mitigation strategies.