We help you get on with business.

There is important work to be done beyond business as usual that will turn strategic intent into reality. We help you capitalise on opportunities, enabling growth and mitigating risks. However, without the right capability that has capacity, this important work will not be done. Illume’s project delivery services boosts non-business as usual with a right-sized approach to prioritise work, organise resources and deliver results with a way-of-work customised for your workplace.

Our project delivery services cover the full lifecycle from an idea or innovation, through planning, delivery and oversight, with health checks and possible recovery work, to realisation and continuous improvement. We apply these services on a ‘make it stick’ basis by first establishing then embedding the capability so that we can step away knowing that the project delivery business function is enduring beyond our involvement.

Project delivery answers important strategic questions like: What do we do with good ideas around here? Are we doing the right work to deliver the strategy? What problems are we solving? What’s the right level of rigour? What does success look like?