Implement significant regulatory change in a government owned corporation to ring fence unregulated businesses from regulated electricity distribution businesses. The time frames were tight and the result had to be auditable for a business that was in a state of flux with a pending merger. This produced a complex environment of stakeholders with unclear roles, responsibilities and interests in which to deliver an outcome.


  • Determined the businesses, stakeholders, processes, systems and people affected by the regulatory reform and developed effective methods to engage with them individually and collectively. Where ownership or impacts were unclear, determined methods to resolve in the short term or deal with the uncertainty in parallel as they evolved in the longer term.
  • Established goals, timelines, deliverables and outcomes to be achieved and who would be best placed to achieve them. Engaged, aligned and enlisted the assistance of stakeholders to develop a commonly understood plan.
  • As the project unfolded, refined and iteratively developed the implementation plan with key stakeholders and communicated progress, risks and issues to affected parties throughout. Set up IT solutions to share information, status, plans, risks and issues as the project matured.
  • Identified the specialists and missing skillsets required to achieve the outcomes, found them and built a core and extended team to deliver the outcomes across disparate organisations and helped to set them up for success, aligned to the common plan.
  • Maintained regular dialogue with regulation, risk and audit bodies on progress, risks, issues and resolution plans to achieve compliance by agreed deadlines.


  • Relevant people, processes and systems were identified, impacts and options assessed, compliant solutions agreed and implemented to achieve required outcomes. As additional focus areas emerged these were incorporated into the plan in an agile fashion.
  • Energy Queensland achieved the required ring fencing compliance by the target date and subsequently passed an external audit to that effect.
  • The regulator, executive, business, unions and affected staff were engaged, involved, aligned to a common plan and knew what was going on.
  • IT solutions enabled people to find plans, status, risks, issues and raise questions with the right people in a timely fashion.