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Affinity Map

Affinity Mapping is a practice used to identify, sort and organise things such as concepts, ideas, insights and tasks. It allows large numbers of ideas stemming from brainstorming to be chunked into logical groups, based on their relationships to facilitate further review or analysis.


In the context of project management, Agile is a term that is used as both a noun and verb to describe a way of work. It is a mindset (based on the Agile values and principles) coupled with a suite of practical tools (the Agile practices). An Agile way of work enables individuals, teams and organisations to consistently deliver fast, customer-centred outcomes with reduced risk at a lower cost, whilst remaining responsive to changing environments.

Agile Manifesto

In February of 2001, 17 respected, independent thinkers from various software development schools of thought, got together to re-invent software development. Taking it from a heavy, documentation-driven process, they used a principle-based approach to conceive the Agile Software Development Manifesto (

Agile Principles

The original Agile principles (originally written for software development) are outlined in the Agile Manifesto. The Illume Academy has considered the intent of the original manifesto's principles and re-imagined them for application in today's business environment. This is useful for a wide range of projects and BaU activity.
The principles we recommend for use in delivery management are:

  • Collaborate and communicate often
  • Embrace change
  • Engage and enable people
  • Deliver benefits frequently
  • Simple and sufficient
  • Sustainable Cadence
  • Wisdom of the crowd
  • Continuous improvement