Our brief was to program manage the design, construction and operational transition of the new control centre facilities that would be instrumental in realising the future vision of Queensland’s regional energy provider to improve safety, network reliability and customer service.

The project needed to apply innovative design and cutting-edge technology to consolidate multiple control centres into two physical world class facilities, centralise network control and standardise control systems.  Additional complexity was added to the challenge by the need to represent the client through design consultation, construction, and workplace transitions in a highly unionised workplace without interrupting operations.


While a precedent study was conducted to gather innovative solutions from around the world it soon became clear that Queensland’s size and climate made this project unique. A discovery phase influenced the physical and technology design by taking user experiences, time and motion studies, mock-ups, and virtual experience trials to and from the user teams and management.

Once the concept scope and design options were given executive approval a design consortium was established to balance the user’s, owner’s, and construction team’s needs to inform the final design.

A staged plan was co-formulated with the design consortium to allow the construction phase to build and cut-over the two main control centres and four data centres around uninterrupted electricity distribution control operations.


  • Developed and scoped the project for Board approval.
  • Consulted with users and owners to develop design briefs.
  • Outsourced then managed the design consortium as the Client Representative.
  • Managed then developed construction documentation, then procured construction services across six separate sites.
  • Manage the project team through construction and the client to maintain uninterrupted operations.
  • Delivered six purpose designed and built electricity control and data centre facilities.
  • Improved safety, reliability, and customer service through significantly improved work environment.